Fuel for our future.

PlantPropulsion© Inc.

A charitable, non-profit with the following goals:

Support of Veterans Green Villages. the VeteransGreenBus and FlotrationStation© clean bio-fuel. This includes:

  1. The VeteransGreenBus – soon to be a traveling demonstration education about clean bio-fuel and using direct solar to electricity (PV).
  2. Veterans Green Villages will train veterans then get them a job to use that skill.
  3. Veterans Green Villages will help create low-cost housing for low income groups including veterans.

  4. Veterans Green Villages will rebuild communities using sustainable energy solutions and cooperative business practices.

  5. FlotrationStation© will provide renewable energy which burns clean and can replace diesel.

Veterans Green Bus

     We’ve been making the bus into a Green Education Center. We’ve paid the expenses (so far) for repairs and need to get a few more made.  Then we plan to install three on-bus demonstrations of specific recent technology – Solar Photovoltaic production of electricity – Conversion of a diesel engine to burn recycled cooking oil – Refining the used cooking oil for use in propelling our bus and other vehicles. Although we have been told by VOAD (chapter in New Mexico) that they will pay to have Solar Photovoltaic installed, we have to get the bus there. And then we need about another $50,000 to complete the rest.

Contact Us

17300 Burgess Street  Detroit Mi 48219 -3268