PlantPropulsion Inc.

     Our mission is to help reduce Global Warming while providing jobs and training for Veterans. Our objectives include making the fuel of the future renewable, convenient, carbon-neutral and affordable. We will do this by utilizing waste vegetable and pure plant oil as fuel to build a more sustainable future. 

     We also help  converting diesel engines to run on pure plant oil or filtered vegetable oil. This is a simple conversion that uses a two tank system and heated coolant to reduce the viscosity of the oil before it enters the engine.

PlantPropulsion Inc. is a charitable, non-profit corporation with the following goals:

Veterans Green Villages includes the VeteransGreenBus and

FlotrationStation© clean bio-fuel.

  1. Veterans Green Villages will train veterans then get them a job to use that skill.
  2. Veterans Green Villages will help create low-cost housing for low income groups including veterans.

  3. Veterans Green Villages will rebuild communities using sustainable energy solutions and cooperative business practices.

  4. Veterans Green Villages supports the VeteransGreenBus –

  5. FlotrationStation© will provide renewable energy which burns clean and can replace diesel.